My Websites

I am the owner of several websites about insects and in particular Lepidoptera. is an informal hobbyist website about breeding Lepidoptera in capitivity. It provides unique information and pictures about their early life stages, caresheets and breeding guides and recommendations for beginners and professionals alike. It is succesful considering how obscure this topic is; it is well known among the Lepidopterist community.

Link: (click here!) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) is a comprehensive database of all the species of Lepidoptera I have encountered and photographed in my lifetime before. It will feature thousands of individuals species and many genera and is expected to generate a lot of traffick when finished. However, this work takes several years to complete.

Link: (click here!)

Coming up

  • Website about Sphingidae of the Netherlands (in development)
  • Website about Insect vectors and diseases (in development)
  • Professional website (you’re reading it!)