Some of you will notice that many of my platforms do not have any sort of advertisements. That is because I have demonetised many, or all of them. The only advertising I ever do is direct advertising; but not via second parties, such as ads via WordPress or Youtube that interfere with the content. Instead, all of my work and content is mainly crowdfunded. 

I am a content creator that wants to spread awareness about the beauty and complexity of insects. My speciality is butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera). I believe awareness is very important, in a world where public interest in insects is declining. Donations support my independent research, my several websites and YouTube channel, my expeditions to other countries, breeding of them in captivity, development of books, guides, and insect conservation.

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Crowdfunding, believe it or not, is a skill; making interesting content is one thing, but convincing people to (voluntarily!) pay for it another. That takes a level of support and, dare I say it, fandom and inspiration that not many people can achieve and inspire.   All my websites and content depend entirely on the donations of the readers; without them, what I do would simply be impossible.

My crowdfunding is estimated to grow over time. See the statictics for my crowdfunding platform here: Click here for Graphtreon!

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