Patreon & crowdfund rewards



Tier 1: Pieris brassicae
Unique rewards: All the basic rewards that come with being a Patron including: acces to behind the scenes posts and videos on Patreon, free access to .pdf files and ebooks such as host plant records and guides, and the livestock program plus exclusive videos!

Tier 2: Anthocaris cardamines
Unique rewards:

Tier 3: Polyommatus icarus
Unique rewards:

Tier 4: Danaus plexippus
Unique rewards:

Tier 5: Papilio machaon
Unique rewards:

Tier 6: Morpho peleides
Unique rewards:

Tier 7: Bhutanitis lidderdalii
Unique rewards: Patrons in this support tier will be able to send me an interview that consists of a list of  10 questions they wish me to answer  that I will answer in a public YouTube video.  This special reward is given once after the first payment in this tier, but is also re-issued after 6 consecutive payments (that means every time after 6 monthly payments; effectively every half year).

Tier 8: Teinopalpus aureus
Unique rewards:

50$+ “Copper status”: Handwritten postcard with personalised thank you message
100$+ “Silver status”:  Mention in the hall of fame
250$+ “Golden status”
500$+ “Diamond status”