All my media channels, including Youtube, several of my websites and social media, are demonetised. That means I do not run any type of advertisements through the platforms that I use; most websites provide options to include in-site ads that will generate revenue as people view or click or them. However, these ads can be intrusive and degrade the quality. Below, I provide a few standard options. For unique advertising requests please contact me personally.

Alternatively, I accept sponsors for my content. I have a lot of exposure through my websites, YouTube and social media. Do you want to promote something? Then I can advertise or promote it indirectly. My YouTube is projected to gain over 10.000 subscribers in the coming years, and has a lot of community following. My blogs and websites get 5000 to 10.000 views per month from 1500 to 4000 visitors. There is one catch. It needs to be related to the scope of my content; and that is biology, entomology and in particular butterflies and moths.
Examples of what I can and will promote: A webshop that sells entomological equipment or livestock (pets, invertebrates), your YouTube channel about insects, a butterfly house or zoo, your personal website or services if you work in the field of entomology or biology, your instagram, an insect forum, research, books and literature about insects, a store that sells insect specimens, books and education, courses, edible insects, field trips, eco-awareness, travel destinations, a blog or social media. Basically, anything that relates to insects, biology,  research, or ecology is something that interests my followers.

Examples of what I can not and will not promote: Any brands that have nothing to do with the subjects my content is about; I will not promote McDonalds, deodorant, the latest fashion or cosmetics and such. Anything that promotes political or religious ideologies; no matter if you are left or right, bhuddist or christian, I wish to avoid affiliation with controverial subjects and opinions, unless they directly relate to biology. And of course adult content; sexual imagery, gambling, or violence, is something I do not wish to be sponsored by.


Breedingbutterflies: my personal website about the biology of Lepidoptera in captivity. Via this website I offer a few options for advertisers.

Link widget promotion: On the side, a Link widget om my website displays four random links out of a larger database. The links displayed on the side are random each time the website loads again on PC, and thus every link is not always and constantly being shown to readers. Nonetheless, they generate a low but consistent source of traffic from readers that are very passionate about Lepidoptera. Because the traffic from this option is low, it is also cheap.  Price:
Educational – 5$ per link per 2 years (Patrons: free)
Personal – 7$ per link per 2 years (Patrons: free)
Commercial – 12$ per link per 2 years (Patrons: free)

Homepage promotion: Your link will be highlighted on my website in a bigger way. First, I will write a new page about your link on my website featuring a promotional text. Then, a link to this article will be placed on the homepage of my website, and also on the “me & other media” subsection of the general information page. The promotional text can be written by you, but I can also prepare one myself. This is bound to bring a higher amount of traffic.
Educational –  35$ per link per 2 years (PatronsDanaus plexippus tier or higher, free! Other patrons: 10$)
Personal – 40$ per link per 2 years (PatronsDanaus plexippus tier or higher, free! Other patrons: 10$)
Commercial – 55$ per link per 2 years (Patrons: Papilio machaon tier or higher, free! Other patrons, 15$)

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